Getting a Free Educator Pro Account

1. Sign up for a regular Voice Thread account at

2. Log in and click on the My Voice tab. Click on the Go Pro link in the upper right.
external image 20081205-dcgrwcf7pqrxxbehf1uxeuh45g.jpg

3. Click on My Account.
external image 20081205-bp8kin6ksyn3fe558g139igg8h.jpg
4. Click on the Go unlimited, Go Pro! link.

. external image 20081205-8gcrdj1aw6shgnn4wmj1mqghum.jpg

5. Click on the "K12 Educators, Click Here" link.
external image 20081205-8ijfj6rfe22gey3txjhdk6w7g.jpg

6. Fill out the required information, and verify your email.